I Wanted to Live Closer to People Who Are More Like Me

Things have changed so much in this city over the years. The west side is where many people wanted to live at one point in time because it was considered to be country and the more laid-back area of the city. But now, there’s really not much country life here. People don’t realize that is not what our state is always about. Now, many people like to live in the part of town where there are many apartments in Newport News Virginia becaues it’s hip, trendy and very cool to live near all the apartments that are new and clustered in a newer section of the city. I wanted to find a place in that area of town myself.

When I first moved here, I am one of those people who rushed to live on the west side of town because it is so lush and pretty. It gave you the feeling of living in the country, even though you really are in the big city. I really enjoyed the wildlife that live in that area as well because of all the vegetation. But becaues it is not as close to all the things that I like to do in my free time, I really wanted to move to a different section of town. I like to go to night clubs, museums and anything else cultural that we have going on. So many apartments are cropping up around those types of businesses. I knew that moving north to where so many young people are moving now would be a good idea for me. I began searching for a place there for just that reason.

A lot of the people who live north are young professionals. That fits me quite well. I make a lot of money and I work hard. I also play hard, too. I liked the thought of living some place where a lot of the people in the same building are very much like me. I found the perfect place and it has beautiful windows that look out over the city at night.