I Just Love Working Here

When I picked up a job as a part time cleaner in Singapore, I only expected to keep the gig for a few months in order to pay off some bills associated with the holidays. I don’t really have to work much due to my husband’s ample income, but it’s always nice to contribute where you can with things around the house. More money always helps the bottom line in the family budget. I thought I’d pick up a job cleaning homes and businesses because I did that sort of work back in my college days and enjoyed it.

I started looking online for prospects when a friend’s daughter heard about my job search and said I should come work her company. It just so happens that she does similar work and has for some time. She said her company is a really great place to work. You can pick and choose what hours you want, and even what types of places you clean after you’ve got some time in at the place. That sort of flexibility with my hours sounded really good to me. I always have other things going on so I needed a position that would fit into my schedule.

I called and went down for an interview and really hit it off with the person asking the questions. Once they learned that I’d done this sort of work before, I had little trouble getting a job offer. I’m going to start off cleaning some smaller homes with another person and then after they make sure I’m doing a decent job, I’ll probably move on to some office buildings in the area. I met some of my future co-workers and they all seemed happy to be there and excited that I’ll be joining the team. I’m looking forward to starting work.