My Hometown Crime Stats Are Up

When I moved back to my hometown, I was really surprised with all the changes. The last time I had been back for more than a few hours prior to moving back was nearly six years ago, and a lot had changed even in that time period. I was glad to back though because a lot of my friends still lived in the area, and I was looking forward to reconnecting on a deeper level. What I was not expecting to do right away was look at different deals I could get on home security systems at

Like I said, a lot has changed. When I lived here over a dozen years ago, the worst thing to happen was the high school cheerleaders TP’ing trees at the football players houses. That is no longer done because innocent fun like that has departed the streets. In its place are scam artists and drug dealers wanting to get rich quick, and some of them are actually doing that too. I bought a house in a great part of town, and I wanted whoever was near it to know that I had a security system in place.

I figured the best way to counteract the crime was to get a security system for my house, so I went online to find the best deals. I already knew that I was going to get ADT, because they are just the name everyone thinks of when you start talking about home security. Since I wanted my system to be a deterrent, I went with the best. I had it installed before I even moved in the furniture, and I feel a lot better knowing that it is here. While a lot of things have changed here, like the crime stats, others have not. I was able to restart a lot of those friendships back up!