Great Looking Glass Enclosure Shower Doors in Essex County NJ

There wasn’t a big selection of shower doors at the home center. We had already picked out the tile, the paint and even the faucets for the sink and shower. My wife was getting us a fancy rainfall shower head that is as big around as a dinner plate. I did not know if we had enough water flow in the pipes that served the bathroom to handle it. As for the glass enclosure we wanted, we looked at shower doors in Essex County NJ. There is a company there that makes glass shower enclosures that really open up the space.

Whether or not you have a big bathroom or a small one, the shower enclosures this place makes are astounding. They make a small bathroom look bigger, and they take a large bathroom and turn it into a spa. It is so much better than looking at solid walls that separate out a shower from the rest of the bathroom. It is still private as long as you do not have windows that people can see through, and you do not leave the door to the bathroom unlocked when showering. I really like our new shower enclosure, especially since there is a big skylight above it. Hey, if you sing in the shower, it is like being on stage. Well, sort of anyway. There is the clothing thing.

Anyway, what I am saying is that you can take a cramped bathroom and turn it into a really cool space by having a glass enclosure built for your shower by this company that does shower doors in Essex County NJ. There are all kinds of styles available, and you can get them made into the shape you need for your shower. We decided to go with the clear glass. You may like something else.