I Am Still Looking at Houses

Of course if I had about twice as much money as I have, then everything would be a lot easier. However you have to work with what you have and I got a good tip from this person I sort of know that works for a Suffolk county tree service. He told me about the place and I went over to see it. At first look the place looks like it is a real wreck and of course there is a lot of things that must be done to get it fixed up. I am going to be able to do a lot of the things that need to be done without help though. I know people who can do nearly everything else and I believe that I can convince them to help me in exchange. I have to buy the place first and the seller does not seem to be all that eager to take what I can give him.

In fact when I make him an offer on a place like this I can not give him all the money that I have. If I did that then I would be stuck with a house that was not really fit to live in and no money to fix it up. So I have to figure out what the fixing up is going to require, although it is better if I get more than that left over for the work. The guy wants me to pay for the house as though it was in good condition, but it is going to take thousands of a dollars to fix the place up and it is going to take me about six months since it is going to be something that I can only work upon on my weekends and after work.