Pruning Trees is Definitely Best Done by Pros

I thought that I would be able to trim one of my trees on my own since it was not all that tall. I figured I could just take a ten foot ladder out to it and work some arbor magic. Well, I did drag the ladder out, but it took me all of two minutes before I realized that I needed to bring in a Nassau County tree pruning company. Sometimes I do get carried away, thinking that I can do something when I have never done it before. It did not take me long to find a tree company that I wanted to use though.

I figured since they were going to prune my smaller tree, I might as well have them do the two big trees out in the backyard too. I had never had them professionally pruned before, and I knew that they were getting way too tall. When they came out to do the three trees, I did have some questions. I really appreciated that they took the time to talk with me about what they were doing. It was not because I wanted to do it myself the next time either.

I had learned my lesson once I saw them in action. First off, I did not have the right tools to trim the trees. I thought my pruning shears would do it, but I realized quickly after watching them in action that I would have probably just hurt myself. I also realized that I honestly did not have the skill set to prune a tree. I thought it would be just like giving the tree a hair cut, but I learned from them that there is a special way to prune trees in order to not compromise them. This is one job I will just leave to the professionals in the future!